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Mobile Masters from Marcolina Design is one of a growing number of useful apps that combine images, video and audio to showcase the potential of taking photographs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Part guide, part source of inspiration, the app falls short of being a full-on 'how to' resource but has enough eye candy to impress even the most casual snapper. Mobile Masters features the work of "over 50 varied artists from around the world," with 30 of them featured in individual profiles, including a selection of images from each and links to further images online. A selection of those 30 allow users to swipe through versions of a single image to get some idea of the workflow involved, although these lack the clarity of actually watching a longer video tutorial. 

Mobile Masters for iPad  

The art and artists on show vary dramatically in both style and quality, although individual taste clearly plays a part here in determining your favourites. Profiles also include video or audio of the people behind the lens, and these range from less than ideal artist mission statements to more practical advice aimed at newbies. Accompanying text adds much more and usefully links from within the app, when possible, to the apps on a website called AppShopper. This is a good move on the part of Mobile Masters, as it will hopefully help users to discover new and interesting apps and encourage further experimentation beyond popular apps such as Hipstamatic and Snapseed.

Mobile Masters for iPad  

Thankfully the emphasis isn't purely on piling on the effects and filters to create a portentous, murky mess. Styles range from evocative portraits and landscapes to attractive abstracts, which owe more to painting than to photography. Those taking part vary from professional photographers, to those seeking a creative outlet that is both immediate and tactile, while juggling busy lifestyles. Smartphones, the iPhone particularly, have given everyone the potential to produce photography that has some worth beyond simply documenting your family and friends.

Mobile Masters for iPad

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