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Adobe’s Mobile app is free, easy, intuitive, fast, and fun. So far, so good. The bad news is that it doesn’t do that much.

The interface is simple to master. You can elect to show tips with instructions, but after a couple of minutes you won’t need them. The first tap gets you to the Edit screen where you can select a photo from your camera roll or shoot one. The bottom of the screen offers access to three main areas: Online, which goes to your account; Upload, to automatically send an image to this account complete with a caption; and Settings, which lets you control whether or not to show tool tips, reveals your Adobe ID, and lets you sign in or out.

The real value of any image-editing app is what it does and how well it works. Mobile has a basic feature set. You can crop, rotate, or flip; change the exposure, saturation, tint, or convert a colour picture to black and white; turn a photo into a sketch or soften the focus; and add effects, such as Vibrant, Pop, Vignette Blur, Rainbow, Border, Warm Vintage, White Glow, and Soft Black and White. Most edits are achieved with a swipe of the finger. You can change your mind about an edit and cancel or undo it, and the edited image is always saved separately from the original.

The lack of features is frustrating, however. Most pictures from a digital camera will be in need of some sharpening. But Mobile has no sharpen functionality. We were also surprised that there was no way to zoom in and out of an image with the iPhone’s finger gestures. Despite the interoperability of with Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa via its website account – the same one you send your photos to from this app – you can’t automatically share photos with those sites via Photoshop Mobile.

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