Picturesque 2.0.3 (Mac only) full review

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading blogs online or flipping through a brochure, you’ve no doubt noticed that the things that catch your eye first are usually images. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Acqualia’s Picturesque 2.0.3 - a simple image editor designed to let you take ordinary images and make them beautiful - is a pocket thesaurus.

Because its goal is so simple, Picturesque isn’t bogged down with scads of features few users will use; it doesn’t try to be Photoshop Light.

Instead, Picturesque focuses on a few key effects and on providing great results with ease. Bloggers in particular may find that Picturesque is all they need to quickly create stunning graphics for their online endeavors.

Working with Picturesque couldn’t be easier. You simply drag your image, or a folder of images (if you want to apply the same effects to multiple images), into the program’s drop zone or onto its Dock icon to have the image(s) displayed in the main editing window.

Alternatively, an OS X Media Browser allows you to select an image from any of your iPhoto albums or from your main iPhoto library. Picturesque is a single-window program, so opening multiple images presents you with thumbnails of those images at the top of the window, allowing you to quickly switch between them with a click of the mouse.

Unlike with some other image editors I’ve tested, Picturesque is fast: I dragged a folder full of high-resolution images into Picturesque and the programed quickly opened them in the main editing window.

Applying a reflection to images.

Once your images appear in the main Picturesque window, you can begin adding design elements to them. Picturesque features five distinctive and popular effects, accessible via a few simple buttons and sliders. If you've opened multiple windows, effects are applied to all images simultaneously.

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