ProCut X full review

The keyboard and mouse has been part of the editing process for so long, could there be a method that’s more convenient than what we’ve been used to? There are a few options available, and Pixel Films Studios have recently joined that fray by releasing ProCutX.

You won’t be seeing or hearing your clips remotely, instead ProCutX is designed to complement your usual keyboard and mouse combination. Installing the required app and keyboard setup on your Mac is a relatively simple process thanks to the very clear instruction on the developers’ website, and once done, you can edit with your iPad.

Pixel Films Studios say that they have great plans for this app and it has already received its first major update, which actually makes it worth using: you can now select a clip, set in and out points, and add it to your timeline (you can even choose to add solely the visuals or the audio).

This is in addition to controlling your keywords, applying speed changes and grading your clips, among others. It’s not a perfect app by any means: the jog wheel has no inertia, you can’t tap and hold on a button to move through many frames in quick succession for instance, and also the lack of tactile feedback can be a pain since you often end up looking when your fingers are tapping, instead of focussing on your visuals.

Download ProCut X for iPad from the App Store here

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