Self Image for iPhone full review

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a self-portrait on the iPhone knows how awkward it can be. Because the iPhone’s camera is on the back of the device, the screen that controls the camera is facing away from you. You try to hold the phone with one hand, your index finger hovering over where you hope the capture button is on the touch screen. The results tend to be a blurry mess that end up straight in the trash.

Some apps, such as Fast Tap Camera, get around this problem by letting you tap anywhere on the screen. Others, like Camera Genius, include a timer function that lends itself to self-portraits. Self Image, from Debacle Software, takes an entirely different approach – one that’s both plain and fantastically simple.

You just launch the app and select whether you’d like to capture one or two people. You then turn the phone around so that the camera lens is pointing toward you. When Self Image detects your face (and the face of another person if you’ve selected two people), it will make the iPhone vibrate three times before snapping the picture. Self Image saves the photo onto the camera roll, and you’re all done.

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