Simply B&W full review

Simply B&W is one of a handful of photography apps that does exactly what it says, and doesn’t try to do anything else. It’s just about making a decent black-and-white image, with no frills attached.

As with most photo apps, you use a picture from your library or to take one from within the app. We like to use images from the library, as we prefer to shoot with a standard camera and edit later. Before you start editing, go to the Settings options, where you can tell the app to leave originals alone and preserve EXIF data, such as the photo’s original date, time, and camera model.

Once you’ve chosen an image, you’re presented with three simple (though unlabelled) controls – one for a filter, one for a vignette and border, and one for brightness, contrast, and grain control. Five common filters are provided: green, blue, yellow, orange, and the ever-popular red; but there’s just a simple black or white border to choose from.

While this may not seem like much compared to some other apps, it shows attention to the needs of black-and-white photographers. When producing a black-and-white image, you want contrast, filters, grain, and maybe a vignette. This app offers these, and a little more, but not so much as to get heavy or confusing. It also respects your previous settings, so if you have a combination you really like to use, you can leave it there for your next image.Sharing options are limited: you can only save or email.

Simply B&W comes with several filters, and the app lets you know which colours and shades will be enhanced with each one

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