Storyboard Composer for iPhone full review

There’s no true movie-editing app on the App Store yet and no dedicated scriptwriting tools. But with Cinemek’s Storyboard Composer app (previously called Hitchcock), there is now a way to flesh out ideas.

The basic premise behind storyboarding is that you plan what happens in each scene, making it easier to pull off your video shoot. For example, you might decide to shoot on location and need to know who is in a scene, what they’ll say, where they will move, and how the scene will be resolved. With the £11.99 Storyboard Composer, you have the core tools you need.

The app allows you to add a photo still, annotate it with text, and then play the ‘movie’ so you can see how the scene will look. The tools might seem a little foreign at first if you haven’t used storyboarding before. You can ‘dolly in’ or ‘dolly out’ by placing a rectangle on a photo, showing how the camera will zoom. You can also show how the camera will pan. Then, for each scene, you can add text. There’s also a way to add actor overlays (male or female) to a scene and add movement indicators.

As you might expect, you can add photos from your camera roll or snap new photos with the iPhone’s camera, adding them directly to the storyboard. You can save storyboards and load them, and you can export a storyboard as a PDF file, which is then loaded automatically to the Cinemek site. After sending a PDF, you are prompted to send an email that the storyboard is now online.

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