Tripod Camera (+Flash&Zoom) for iPhone full review

If you’ve taken many pictures on the iPhone, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with the occasional blurry, dark or wonky photo. MK HQ wants to help you banish these pictures from your iPhone with Tripod Camera, currently available for £1.19.

Tripod Camera has all the functions of the iPhone’s built-in camera app, including tap-to-focus for iPhone 3GS owners. Also, the app’s anti-tilt feature will keep your photo level with the horizon regardless of the tilt of your iPhone. This feature is very cool and works well to produce perfectly level shots.

The anti-shake feature helps prevent blurry pictures by sensing when the camera is still enough to snap a photo automatically. You can make the entire screen a shutter button – tapping anywhere to snap a picture. A 10-second timer will automatically take a photo 10 seconds after you press the shutter button. Oddly, though, there’s no way to set a custom time for the timer.

Tripod Camera sports a 4x digital zoom. As with any digital zoom, there is some loss of quality, but it’s better than nothing. Once you take a picture, you get a preview so you can decide whether or not to save the image. At the time of the preview, you can also apply a flash effect to brighten things up. This is a nice option for night pictures.

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