Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine full review

Flipboard began life on the iPad, culling links from your Facebook and Twitter timelines, presenting them in a magazine-inspired layout, driven by excellent design. Over time, the app’s focus broadened; it could display content from lots of sources. Now, Flipboard is available on the iPhone and iPod touch as well. In addition to slimming down to fit the smaller screen, the app scored some new features, to boot.

The most obvious difference is in the flipping itself. On the iPad, you swipe horizontally to flip between pages; on the iPhone, pages swipe vertically. In general, swiping through articles feels natural, like flipping pages in a top-spiral notebook. Much of the Flipboard’s navigation is similarly intuitive – adding sources, browsing articles, even marking tweets as favourites or commenting on Facebook posts.

New to Flipboard is Cover Stories. It assembles the best or most interesting stories currently available across all your sources.

With many sources, the app is able to present a Flipboard-formatted version of the content. But flipping through iPhone screen-sized pages of lengthier articles feels odd; there’s not always a way to visually assess how far into the text you are.

Cover Stories tries to assemble the most interesting/popular stories from your content sources

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