Twitterrific for iPad full review

While it may not bring every single feature of its iPhone version to the iPad, Twitterrific for iPad adapts well to the device, bringing a new interface designed specifically for the tablet.

One of the new user interface elements introduced in the iPad are pop-overs. Tap on the avatar of any Twitter user and you’ll get their profile; follow, unfollow, and block controls; and access to that user’s recent tweets, favourite tweets, and following/follower lists. Tap anywhere else on the screen and the pop-over disappears. Additionally, if a user posts a tweet with a picture that’s hosted on a site such as TwitPic or yFrog, tapping on the link will bring up a pop-over containing the image, without forcing you to navigate away from the timeline.

The only place that you’re really forced to jump away from your timeline is when viewing an external URL, in which case Twitterrific will slide up a browser that covers the entire screen (tap the Done button and the browser slides away again).

The iPad version of Twitterrific is free, but it inserts an ad at the top of your timeline. It also supports only one account – if you want to upgrade to multiple accounts and banish the ad, you can only do so via an in-app purchase, which will cost you £2.99.

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