3D Camera for iPhone full review

The simple 59p iPhone app, 3D Camera, threatens to bring the craze for 3D images back. Using the app is straightforward, though its functionality is hindered by a limitation imposed by Apple. To take a stereo image with your iPhone, you must take two shots, both pointed in the same direction but with the perspective moved a couple of inches to the right, to mimic the distance between your right and left eyes.

What this means is that you must take a photo, then hold the iPhone steady as you approve the image, then move the iPhone slightly, then tap the shutter button again. Apple refused to approve a version of 3D Camera that uses an overlay effect to take the guesswork out of aligning your shots. And apparently Apple’s approved tools for developers don’t allow you to take two pictures in quick succession. 3D Camera works around these limitations by letting you align your photos afterwards.

Once you’ve snapped two images and aligned them, 3D Camera lets you generate output images in traditional red/blue anaglyph format or the less common grey anaglyph format. You can also generate a stereogram – two side-by-side images that will appear three-dimensional if you cross your eyes and allow the two images to drift together. There’s even a ‘wigglegram’ that quickly alternates between the two frames, giving you a hint of depth without being a true 3D image. You can also automatically post the image to Twitter or Facebook, right from within 3D Camera.

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