Barista full review

Ever stood in Starbucks in awe of the staff’s supreme knowledge of skinny grande latte mochas? Ever wanted to re-create your favourite coffee shop’s work without shelling out £3.50 a pop? If your answer is yes, Barista is the app for you.

The term ‘app’ is stretching it a bit - Barista is kind of a digital booklet about making great coffee.

The interface itself is well set out, with a section on recipes, tips and tricks, and a coffee glossary. Instructions are clear.

At £1.79 it might seem a bit steep, but given that a glossy book with similar information in it would probably cost several times that amount, it’s not that bad a price. It really highlights the ‘something for everyone’ nature of the App Store - if you really want to make great coffee at home, you’re in luck.

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