Best Alarm Clock FREE + Weather and Temperature full review

With Best Alarm Clock, users are promised a superior alarm clock experience, as well as Dashboard information, like the temperature and weather conditions.

Users accustomed to the iOS Clock app and its alarms should welcome Best Alarm Clock, as it packs in several features missing from the built-in app.

For one, it enables users to select songs from their iTunes library to use as alarms, as well as many built-in sounds. Alarms can also be set to repeat on certain days of the week and the snooze time can be adjusted.

Best Alarm Clock’s interface isn’t minimalist, but it is completely functional and easy to use. The alarm screen has big buttons for users who may be a bit groggy-eyed in the mornings. For iOS 4 users, an alarm will still function if Best Alarm Clock is running in the background.

Best Alarm Clock has a great range of alarm-setting options, making it better than the stock Clock that ships with the iPad or iPhone

While the app does display the current temperature, the day’s temperature forecasts, and the current weather conditions, it is far from a full-featured weather app. Still, it is good to be able to have the current weather information available when you wake up.

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