Evernote 5 full review

Evernote is a note-taking app for the iPhone and iPad that is indispensable for many people, thanks to its ability to quickly capture all sorts of information, from simple text notes to photos, voice recordings, or information about places you've visited. There are Mac, PC and Android versions too, so that you can sync your notes across multiple devices.

The basic version of Evernote is free, but is packed with useful features. You can organise your notes by grouping them together into notebooks, and there’s also a tagging option that helps you to quickly search through all your stored notes. You can sync notes across multiple devices and computers, and share your notebooks with friends or colleagues. And for £3.99 a month or £35 a year there's a premium option that allows others to edit your notebooks too, enabling you to collaborate on projects with colleagues, or plan a holiday with friends.

With so many features already crammed into the app, the developers of Evernote have concentrated on improving usability for version 5.0, reworking the app's main Home screen in order to provide faster access to all your notes and info.

The Home screen is now arranged like a filing cabinet, with a row of folders that provides instant access to all your notes, notebooks, tags and places. Just tap on the label of each folder to view its contents, perform a search or create new notes. The Home screen also shows a list of the notes that you've viewed recently, and there's a set of Quick Note buttons that allow you to quickly create new notes, take photos or scan documents.

There are a few new features as well, although these are mostly minor improvements such as the ability to display notes on a zoomable map. However, it's the revamped interface that makes this update worth downloading and maintains Evernote's position as king of the note-taking apps.

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