FileBrowser - Access files on remote computers full review

FileBrowser lets you set up your Mac to allow the app to browse, view, and copy to your iPad all files on your main computer without using a storage service, via WiFi or the internet.

FileBrowser is not as easy to use as most cloud storage services. For example, you’ll have to set up your computer to allow for SMB file sharing, which isn’t technically difficult but does require mucking about in the file sharing preference pane. After you’ve enabled SMB file sharing, you may encounter some difficulties getting to folders on your Mac that you haven’t been granted permission to access. Changing permissions can solve these problems; this is the way the system is supposed to work, and the process will be familiar even to those who only manage small networks.

Once you’ve got past the problems though, FileBrowser could be a real time-saver – and a convenience. The app enables you to email, open, view, print, rename, copy, and delete files, most of the time with a single tap on a drop-down menu.

You can set up your own file system within FileBrowser, but moving files from remote computers and within the file system you create is not an elegant process, requiring the use of copy and paste commands.

FileBrowser can be a real time saver once you’ve set your permissions

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