iCatchall and iCatchall Tools for iPhone full review

The App Store offers countless utilities - many priced in the 59p range - that perform single tasks like calculating tips, converting measurements, or beaming a flashlight. Headlight Software decided to make a single app that encompassed those types of mini-applications and many more - iCatchall Tools.

Actually, the developer made two such apps; in addition to iCatchall Tools, which offers a collection of 15 apps, there’s iCatchall, which adds nine more mini-apps to the mix for a total of two dozen. Both apps sport a 59p price tag.

Not every mini-app within the two flavours of iCatchall is awesome, but there are enough powerful tools within both apps to recommend them, particularly given their affordability.

Whichever version you use, iCatchall opens with a screen intentionally reminiscent of the iPhone’s own home page. You swipe between the multiple screens of mini-apps, and tap the one you want.

My favourite iCatchall mini-app is File Storage, which appears in both versions. Like several other iPhone apps (some of which cost quite a bit more than iCatchall), File Storage allows you to copy files to and from your iPhone. The mini-app starts a Web server, which you can then access from any Mac or PC on the same local network.

The Web interface feels clunky (I prefer the iPhone-optimized Web layout, even from my desktop), but it’s functional. You can upload any file type, and you can view those that the iPhone understands - Word/Pages documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, and text files. You’re even able to edit plain text files and save your changes. The whole system works well.

And that’s just one of the dozen-plus apps within iCatchall Tools (or 24 in iCatchall). Tip Calculator works great; it remembers your preferred tipping percentage, and lets you split the bill easily, too. If you hate doing math and love whipping out your iPhone, it will certainly satisfy.

Flashlight makes the screen super bright, and as father to two young daughters, I go the iPhone-as-flashlight route frequently when fetching more diapers from their rooms after bedtime.

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