Instapaper Pro for iPad full review

Instapaper Pro for iPad lets you save online articles using a special browser bookmarklet. The Instapaper website lets you access any of your saved articles, reformatted to be easier to read with no annoying ads or clutter.

The Instapaper iPhone app improves on this experience: it automatically downloads up to 250 saved articles for offline reading in an interface optimised for your device. And starting with the release of version 2.2.2 – the app is at version 2.2.3 as of this writing – Instapaper Pro includes a native interface for the iPad, too. (The free, feature-limited version doesn’t work on the iPad.)

As with earlier iPhone-only versions of the app, Instapaper Pro lets iPad users adjust article line spacing, margins, font and font size. There’s also an ever-so-useful rotation lock, and multiple methods for navigating articles: scrolling, accelerometer-based tilt scrolling, and a mode that lets you tap the edge of the screen to turn the page. The app also remembers your location in articles between launches, and lets you look up Wiktionary’s definition of any word.

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