Intelitrainer for iPhone full review

Intelitrainer for the iPhone and iPod touch offers many of the advantages of a personal trainer without the cost of hiring one. Using a basic profile and a list of available exercise equipment, the Michael George Enterprises app can create a workout plan designed just for you.

To create a workout, you fill out a profile that includes your height, weight, skill level, and exercise goal; you also tell the app what equipment you have on hand. From there, Intelitrainer takes you to the workout details. These include a brief description of the exercise, a more detailed description if needed, and a video that demonstrates proper form. You have the option to skip the exercise, which takes you to a menu to pick a substitute workout, or tap the I Did It! button, where you will be asked if the exercise was easy or difficult. Your answer is used to adjust for your next workout. You can create your own workout plan, too.

Intelitrainer offers a seemingly endless number of exercises. The more equipment you tell the app you have on hand, the greater the number of available options. Our main criticism was the settings didn’t include all the equipment we could get our hands on.

The app’s workout log keeps track of what exercises you performed each day, with notes on how well the exercise was completed, any reps associated with the exercise, and so on.

Intelitrainer has a brief description of the exercise, with a fuller explanation and a video demo just a tap away

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