iTalk for iPhone full review

Transferring iTalk recordings to your computer

One way in which iTalk Recorder differs from most other iPhone recording apps I’ve seen is that it doesn’t allow you to e-mail recordings. (Retronyms' Recorder, for example, allows you to e-mail recordings, albeit with some limitations.) Part of the reason for this omission is the size of recordings: a one-minute iTalk voice memo will be over 1.2MB in size at the lowest quality level. Instead, the company provides a free desktop program, iTalk Sync, that connects to your iPhone over a wireless network to let you copy your recordings directly.

To use this utility, you launch iTalk Recorder on your iPhone and iTalk Sync on your computer, and then you select your phone in iTalk Sync’s phone list. After tapping Yes on the iPhone’s screen to allow Sync to connect, your recordings appear in iTalk Sync. You can drag them to a folder or the Desktop to copy them to your computer; clicking on the Info button in iTalk Sync displays additional information about the selected recording, including the file quality and any notes you added on the iPhone or iPod touch. Unfortunately, you can’t rename recordings or delete them via iTalk Sync; you must perform these tasks on the iPhone or iPod touch.

(If there’s no nearby wireless network, or you don’t want to join a public network, you can set up an ad-hoc network on your computer and join it from your iPhone. Unfortunately, you can’t connect directly using Apple’s dock-connector cable.)

Having used both Griffin’s approach and the e-mail approach, I find transferring audio files to my computer using iTalk Sync to be much faster—and more convenient—than sending via e-mail: you can transfer multiple files at once, and iTalk Sync’s interface is easier to work with than sending each file via a separate email message. That said, if you frequently record on the go and you need to get your recordings to someone else immediately via e-mail, iTalk isn’t the right voice recorder for you. It would be useful if Griffin added the capability to e-mail small recording files.

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