Kinomap Trainer for iOS review

Kinomap Trainer for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a health and fitness app aimed at making the road to good health a little more visually appealing and inspiring. Currently compatible with exercise bike, treadmill and rower, and hopefully more exercise equipment to follow, Kinomap relies on users videoing and geolocating their travels to upload and share online. Those videos then help encourage and motivate others, or at least that's the noble idea. Already a popular web based service, Kinomap Trainer offers a mobile solution better suited to the gym or wherever you've found space for your fitness equipment at home. 

 Kinomap Trainer for iOS 

Kinomap Trainer requires some initial investment, including a Wahoo ANT+ receiver and an ANT+ sensor for cadence/speed/power for cycling, stride for running, ANT-FS for rowing. These are essential to accurately gauge your workouts and build and share a useful database, to set goals and encourage long-tem use. You might also want to invest in an inexpensive mountable stand or grip for connecting your iOS device to your equipment of choice. For complete fitness newbies the apps settings look a bit daunting at first and some calibration is required to ensure you get the best out of the device.

 Kinomap Trainer for iOS

Like a real gym, Kinomap Trainer relies on subs to generate income, without them videos time out after five minutes. Subs start at £7.99 per month, although an annual sub at £49.99 is better value, and should be an additional incentive to keep on training. User generated video varies in quality and length but Featured, Most Viewed, Most Recent and a search function help get you started. Helpfully, videos are also rated on difficulty so you don't start your fitness regime with an uphill struggle. As well as video, Kinomap Trainer offers a wealth of information including a map, elevation profile and details of speed, length, cadence, power, slope and heart rate. A fun multiplayer mode, via Apple's Game Center is also available, for those who like the idea of working out with mates.


The value of this app really depends on your ability to stick to your fitness regime and make the most of the ever-growing database of video, the initial hardware outlay and monthly or annual subs. For those who can keep focused and motivated, Kinomap Trainer looks a real winner, one investment that will reap priceless rewards.

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