LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone full review

In a world awash with free and 59p iPhone applications, LogMeIn Ignition is a more serious investment with its £17.99 price tag. However, LogMeIn Ignition will pay dividends long after the novelty items have been dumped. The application gives full access to your desktop Mac or PC via your iPhone or iPod touch. You’ll need to be prepared for some serious zooming in, scrolling, zooming out and more scrolling.

Setting up LogMeIn Ignition on an iPod and desktop proved trouble-free, requiring you to download software for your computer, buy the iTunes App Store application, and create a LogMeIn account. The process took about five minutes and required no further set-up in System Preferences or fiddling with Firewall settings, except for preventing your Mac from going to sleep. Password details for both the application and your computer can be saved under ‘Remember login’ for future use.

Seeing your desktop reproduced on the iPhone or iPod touch screen for the first time is impressive. While screen redraws can occasionally appear a little sluggish, images and documents appear sharp and detailed. As noted, plenty of pinching and zooming is required here to get the best of LogMeIn Ignition, but we were able to work on documents and browse files with relative ease. Browsing a weighty selection of iPhoto images particularly, was a revelation, while a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard proved a real time saver.

Browsing iPhoto and desktop apps with LogMeIn Ignition.

Mouse settings, yes a mouse on your iPhone, appeared more difficult to master and control, although practice does makes perfect. It's worth noting your computer needs to be on at all times to make LogMeIn Ignition work, which is likely to be a concern for some. An additional application such as i iWOL - Wake on LAN can wake your computer assuming it is connected via Ethernet to the internet. It's also worth noting an incoming phone call will end your Ignition session and lock the target computer upon the disconnection.

After spending £17.99, LogMeIn offers free and paid services, the latter more likely aimed at business users. We tried the free option and found it more than adequate, softening the blow of the initial outlay. Before parting with your cash consider how likely you'll need access to your home computer on the move, when the iPhone and iPod touch already provides a range of useful tools including email and web browsing.

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