Mailing Desk for iOS full review

Mailing Desk is a Gmail and Google Apps client for the iPad that provides an elegant standalone interface for Google’s offerings in addition to a lightweight browser interface that works well for previewing web pages.

The layout of Mailing Desk is the main selling point. It has a polished look with vertical ‘flick’ bars bracketing the sides of the main window. These can be used be used to view or work with apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and even YouTube.

In all three panes you can access all Google apps via the familiar More drop-down menu, and in the two side panes, large icons for Tasks, Calendar, Docs, Facebook and Google+ are arranged along the bottom.

Gmail and Google Calendar – with the latter in Desktop Mode – provide very good functionality. However, Google Docs allows for little more than plain text editing in Mobile mode, and doesn’t work properly in Desktop mode. Using Google Docs in Mobile mode does enable you to cut-and-paste text between Docs and Mail, though, which can come in handy.

Work with two apps side-by-side. Here, we’re using the Gmail app and Facebook

There are two flaws in the overall interface. The first is that when you flick open either sidebar, the mail pane gets shoved to the side so part of your email is cut off. The second is that you can only have two panes open at once.

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