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Pantone swatches have been used for years by many designers. If you’re serious about colour, you probably stick with ‘fan decks’ but carrying them around can be a bind, which is where myPANTONE comes in.

With this app, designed to work on any recent iPhone or iPod touch, you have in your hands all of Pantone’s colours. It allows you to choose from fifteen fan decks (if you’re not sure which one to go for, each comes with a brief description). You can then swipe through the deck to look at all available colours or move the dark cursor over the colour bar. Once you’ve found the right swatch, tap on it to see its eight colours in greater detail.

You can save the colour you want as a favourite, and can use this app to find which colours go well with your selection across different fan decks, if you so choose.

However, myPANTONE goes further still: it can take one of the images stored on your device, move it to a Pantone ‘colourspace’ (a sort of mosaic of the image), then find and display the most dominant colours. Even better, you can access your device’s camera from the app to take a shot and find the best colours to work with.

A photo’s dominant colours appear at the top; tap and hold on a specific part of the image to see those colours instead

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