Nightstand Charging Dock full review

Kensington’s Nighstand Charging Dock for iPhone aims to turn Apple’s multi-purpose mobile phone into a bedside clock.

Essentially it’s a USB dock complete with European or UK plug adaptor and it charges up your iPhone. It’s designed to hold the iPhone on its side, displaying the time like a bedside clock.

Of course, the iPhone functions pretty well as a clock and alarm clock, but it’s designed for vertical viewing and typically switches the screen off after a minute or so (depending on your settings).

To this end the Nightstand Charging Dock comes with a link to a free iPhone app called Rise And Shine (

This app incorporates a large horizontal clock display and built in weather. You can choose between three different styles of display and adjust the brightness of the screen. Clicking the weather icon brings up a basic five-day forecast.

It doesn’t have a built-in Alarm Clock. The iPhone has a perfectly functional alarm clock of its own of course, which works in the background. However, the Nightstand should really have provided its own option - preferably one that improved upon Apple’s offering. How about an in-built alarm that plays an iTunes playlist? Or integration with radio stations in the vein of RadioBox.

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