NoteMaster for iPhone full review

Sold under the tagline ‘Notes and Images, together at last’, what separates NoteMaster from the note-taking crowd is its focus on power-user features, such as Google Docs syncing, folder organisation, and image support.

Unfortunately, Google Docs syncing only works by using a subfolder of your main Google Docs account; you can’t sync multiple folders. In fact, many of NoteMaster’s features seem to involve unnecessary complications. For instance, to email a note, you must enter all the email account information, instead of NoteMaster interacting with the Mail app on your iPhone.

NoteMaster’s look and feel is not its strong suit. At times it feels gaudy and overdone. The app sports more buttons and interface elements than really need to be there. Editing and creating notes is a little fussy, as there’s a flood of buttons and menus to go through. However, NoteMaster is rich in features, with the ability to add headers, images, and themes. You can organise notes into categories, which can be password protected.

NoteMaster succeeds at combining several powerful features into one app. To be fair, it does what it says it will do, and there are no significant flaws that make it atrocious or unusable. It just isn’t typical of the elegant experience we look for in iPhone apps.

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