OmniFocus for iPad and iPhone full review

If your red badge’s count of unfinished tasks never seems to go down, try OmniFocus instead. The iPad version is easiest, the Mac version is hardest, the iPhone is in the middle but they all take effort to learn – and are all worth it. Buy one and you’ll soon buy them all.

First you’ll see how you can add a start date as well as a due one.  Then the Forecast view is a smart one-screen look at all you’ve got on your plate today. Make a note that you want to send a parcel and the Map view will show you the nearest Post Office.

But eventually, OmniFocus changes you. You stop being tied to just getting that wretched list of tasks down and instead look to see what you can do now. What calls and emails can you make on the way to that post office? What’s the very next thing to do?

You can download OmniFocus for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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