PDF Expert (professional PDF documents reader) full review

PDF Expert is a versatile app for annotating PDFs, filling out forms, and signing them. You can sync documents with MobileMe or Dropbox, add files via iTunes’ file sharing or over a WiFi network, and print or mail the files you’ve worked on.

PDF Expert’s main strength is its ability to annotate PDFs. You can highlight text; add arrows, lines, rectangles or ovals; underline or strike through text; and add text notes. All of these operations are easy to accomplish from the app’s toolbar.

You can also fill out PDF forms with PDF Expert. Just tap in a field, and type with the on-screen keyboard. You can then save the completed form or share it as needed. The signature feature lets you ‘write’ a signature on screen, save it, then add it to any document that you need to sign. Doing this with a finger is not easy though; ideally, you’ll want to use a stylus to create your signature.

You can also delete and move pages in a PDF, copy and paste pages from one document to another, rotate pages, and more. In fact, these operations are easier to do with PDF Expert than with Preview on a Mac.

PDF Expert lets you highlight, underline and annotate text in PDFs, and that’s not all. Even more versatile than Apple’s Preview 

PDF Expert can open PDF files of any size, and displays them quickly, the display is a bit jerky when swiping through documents. However, simply tapping a page makes an immediate transition.

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