Pic Lock 2.0 for iPhone full review

Pic Lock 2.0 is one of a growing number of apps aimed at keeping your photos private and away from the prying yes of anyone fiddling with your iPhone. We all have secrets, well at least snaps we may not want the world to see – drunken party nights, holidays in skimpy attire, ex-partners and endless pics of the family cat reluctantly posing.

Pic Lock 2.0 makes a doddle of copying those photos either directly from iPhoto or by selecting images from your iPhone camera roll or photo library. We chose the latter then simply deleted the original images, safe in the knowledge that only a select few could now see our secret selection. Images are password or pattern protected and stored in a dedicated app style vault.

Pic Lock

Those images can be arranged by theme or event in folders, zoomed and swiped, while the developers i-App Creation promise an unlimited amount of photos can be stored, although in reality adding images in bulk batches can take a while. A recent update also proved slow to apply although thankfully no memories were lost in the process. Pic Lock 2.0 also offers, should you wish, the ability to share photos via Bluetooth, along with a Facebook batch uploader.

Pic Lock

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