Podcaster for iPhone full review

It’s often tough to justify purchasing an app that duplicates many of the features in a free offering, but Podcaster is so much better than the iPhone’s native iTunes app that the £1.19 asking price is worth it.

Podcaster and the built-in iTunes app both start out in the same place: they let users wirelessly download or stream podcasts on their mobile device using 3G or WiFi. Longer podcasts mean longer downloads on both apps, but both are surprisingly quick at delivering new episodes.

After that, though, Podcaster has all the advantages. For example, you can find podcasts more easily on the paid app. The iTunes app is built around offering the most popular podcasts, but Podcaster lets users find and download feeds for relatively obscure offerings that don’t make Top 10 lists. If your tastes are more esoteric than the latest episode of An Idiot Abroad, you’ll want Podcaster.

Podcaster’s other edge? You can subscribe to podcasts so that new episodes automatically appear in your directory; iTunes users must manually download each episode. And Podcaster users can do all their business – downloading and listening – in a single app: iTunes users must shift to iPod to hear what they’ve downloaded.

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