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Print from EuroSmartz is a nifty but limited utility that enables you to print Web pages, photos, and contact information from your iPod touch or iPhone.

It consists of two programs: one that you install on your mobile device as you would any other app, and another, called WePrint, that you download from the EuroSmartz Web site and install on a Mac or PC.

With WePrint running, you can print from any iPod touch or iPhone that can establish either a Wi-Fi or cell network connection to the host computer.

Print is limited by the the lack of a cut-and-paste capability in Apple’s mobile devices. If there’s a Web page you want to print, you literally need to write down or remember the URL and manually input it into the address bar of Print’s Web browser.

Another workaround is to use Print’s built-in browser when you anticipate you might want to print from the Web.

Print’s browser is solid but not quite as robust as the built-in version of Safari.

Another drawback is that while you can create bookmarks in Print’s browser, you can’t import your Safari bookmarks directly into Print.

With photos and contact info, the process is much more straightforward: you have direct access to both the iPhone or iPod touch’s photo library and your contacts from Print; you can select those you want to print without leaving the app.

You can even pick multiple photos or contacts to print, choosing from among whichever printers are connected to the host Mac.

While selecting multiple contacts and photos to print is a breeze, each item selected prints on a single page.

This is fine for photos, which print at a default width of 5.98 inches (easily adjusted in the WePrint preference pane), but for contacts, the result can be an enormous waste of paper.

When printing Web pages, the result can also often be poor, as there’s no way to adjust font size.

Many times I printed out Web pages that were easily readable on both a Mac and on an iPod touch, but were rendered in such small type by my printer that they were unreadable.

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