Pzizz full review

"Now having finished with the busy time of day.. you'll enter the time for you to relax." So begins our first foray into Pzizz. We simply can't hold in our giggles. Can this smooth talking chap with his crashing waves in the background really send us into “perfect, refreshing sleep”? Well yes actually – a mere 10 minutes after the first chuckle we were fast asleep.

Pzizz is a sleep and relaxation software add-on for your computer. It creates soundtracks that are meant to calm you down and help you drop off to sleep. These soundtracks consist of a dude talking and some music and other sounds in the background, and can be played from your computer or exported to iTunes for syncing with your iPod.

Pzizz can mix together words, music, and sounds into over a billion combinations, so each time you play or export you get a different soundtrack. According to the sleep boffins at Pzizz, familiarity of sounds helps form a habit that helps put you to sleep, while the random formulation of the sounds keeps your subconscious active.

So that’s how it works, but what’s it like to use?

There are two modules – one creates a sleep soundtrack, while the other creates an ‘Energizer’ – a short power nap soundtrack that wakes you up at the end. You can export a default Sleep or Energizer in just a few clicks – these let you set the time length and have music and words at equal volumes. You can also create custom soundtracks – in which you can set the volumes of the crooning voice and the music yourself. You could even drop one or the other entirely.

On the Pzizz

We try Pzizz for a week...

Setup: 20-minute ‘Default Sleep’, on the iPod, in bed
Snooze or lose? Giggled for 10 minutes. Asleep before the 20 was up. Woke up feeling like I’d been reviewing Pzizz in my sleep all night

Setup: 20-minute ‘Default Energizer’after work, before cooking, washing etc
Snooze or lose? Dozed eventually, but initially the sounds were a mix of Jaws and Bladerunner. Will give powernapping another go

Setup: Champions League Final. Six pints. No need for Pzizz tonight
Snooze or lose? Passed out. Immediately. Thumping headache in the morning. Pzizz 1, alcohol 0

Setup: Same as Monday, to ascertain whether or not Monday was a fluke
Snooze or lose? Asleep quicker than a baby on Calpol. No weird dreams either. Result!

Setup: Attempted a power nap on the train home. 20 mins, Default Energizer
Snooze or lose? Went to sleep, depite resting my head against the train’s window. Had to have it loud to drown out the train noise – the buzzer at the end gave me a hellava fright

Setup: 30 mins, and turned the vocal up a bit
Snooze or lose? Damn it, I couldn’t get to sleep. Dozed a bit but was awake at the end. Maybe I had it too loud?

Setup: After a tiring weekend, I stuck on a 20-minute Default Sleep and crossed my fingers
Snooze or lose? Just the ticket. Asleep in no time

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