Quickoffice Files full review

Quickoffice Files offers four features: Transfer files to or from your Mac using either a web browser interface, or by connecting to your iPhone as if it were an external hard drive (over WiFi); view files saved on your iPhone; email files; and view and transfer files from and to your iDisk.

As a file transfer and storage tool, it works quite well, especially when mounted as an external drive on your Mac. Your iPhone shows in the Shared section of the Finder’s sidebar, and you can then interact with it as you would any other shared device.

There’s also a web browser interface. However, you can’t drag-and-drop or rename files, and they must be uploaded one at a time.

You can view many file types, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files; most image types; iWork files (though not iWork ’09 files); PDF; and HTML web pages. But while it supports Internet Explorer web archive documents, Safari’s web archives are unsupported. Quickoffice Files won’t display rich text (.rtf) files, nor can it play AIFF audio or m4v video.

There were formatting glitches when viewing Word and Excel files, but nothing debilitating. Zooming in worked well on images, but zooming out was sometimes jumpy.

The email feature is easy to use. You can send any file on your iPhone, not just those you can view. Tap the envelope, select the files, then tap Send.

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