Printer Pro for iPhone full review

While you can print from iOS devices if you have an AirPrint-compatible printer, there aren’t many of these yet, and it can be expensive to replace your existing printer just so you can print from an iPad or iPhone. Readdle’s Printer Pro steps in, claiming to provide printing to any printer from an iOS device. 

You start by setting up the printer. If it's a WiFi printer, Printer Pro can print directly. If not, you download a free application called Printer Pro Desktop which runs on a Mac or PC to enable printing. (This means that your computer must be on for you to print.)

Printing is simple. You tap on a file – an email attachment, a file in Dropbox or iDisk – and choose Open In..., then select Printer Pro. You'll see that document, and you can choose which pages to print. You can also install a PDF driver to make PDFs of any document on your iOS device. You can then send it by email, or open it in any PDF reader.

While Printer Pro is able to print photos, text files, PDFs and more, printing web pages can be difficult. Sometimes the app presents an error, but reloading the page displays it correctly. However, when you print a web page, it often doesn’t look like it does on the web, as the styling information isn’t used. 


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