RC Trackpad: (Touchpad / Secure Keyboard / Remote) full review

Remote Conductor turns an iPad into a fancy trackpad. It’s more useful than the Magic Trackpad, at one-tenth of the price.

The Remote Conductor app works over WiFi by communicating with a small server app on your computer. When connected, it provides three modes – trackpad, launcher and switcher.

In trackpad mode, moving your finger across the iPad’s screen moves the mouse pointer across the remote screen. Shortcuts include a four-finger-swipe option; swiping upward displays the Desktop and downwards shows the Exposé screen. Other multi-touch options can be set in the app’s preferences.

Launcher mode gives you access to all the apps installed on your computer. App icons are spread among several screens. Tapping once on an icon launches that app and then switches Remote Conductor into trackpad mode.

As an application switcher, a tap of the Light Switch icon displays a scrolling list of all apps. Thumbnails of your open windows appear both above and below the app’s thumbnail. Clicking on one brings that window to the foreground.

A small keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen brings up the familiar on-screen keyboard, but there’s currently no support for some standard keyboard shortcuts (like Cmd-S to save or Cmd-Q to quit, for example).

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