Screens for iOS full review

The idea of a VNC client on a touchscreen device can seem daunting. Tapping, after all, is not the same as clicking with a mouse. But Screens for iOS offers some unique features that make connecting to and controlling remote computers from an iOS device almost painless.

Screens can connect to any computer with a VNC server running. What sets Screens apart from other VNC apps is its ease of use. The app offers a number of useful tools and shortcuts and also has a specialised keyboard with shortcuts for Spotlight, text selection, Command, Control, Option, and a full complement of function keys.

Screens pays no attention to where the cursor is on the remote screen, but instead responds to where you’re tapping. A pinch gesture zooms the screen, while a swipe moves you from one side of the screen to the other.

Screens is a universal app that will run on any iOS device. We only have one complaint about using Screens with a Mac. If you’re running Lion and there are full-screen apps running, there’s no swipe available that will reveal the menu bar and allow you to exit full-screen mode. You can work around this, but a simple swipe would be a beneficial addition.

Useful tools and shortcuts make Screens an effective way of controlling your computer from an iPhone or iPad

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