Songify full review

To use Songify, just speak into your iOS device, and the app will turn your words into an auto-generated song.

We recorded ourselves reading, applied a club-style beat called Testy, and came up with a generally pleasing result. However, we were a little disappointed that the app didn’t single out phrases for repetition. It just seemed to drop a sentence here or there before looping back to the beginning. The ending of Songify-generated songs can also feel a little abrupt.

Songify doesn’t provide many editing tools. There’s a Re-Songify option, in which you can have the app take another crack at your recording. The app ships with three styles; you add more tracks and style packs through in-app purchases. You can share the finished product via email, Facebook or Twitter. Use either of the last two options, though, and the app also uploads your creation to its Winning! music library, where other users can listen to, and rate, your efforts. We found that a bit off-putting.

Recording your voice is easy – simply tap the centre circle. Songify includes buttons for selecting music styles, looking at your library of saved records, and accessing the Winning! feature, though those buttons aren’t clearly labelled.

Songify’s controls are simple. Tap the circle and record yourself speaking; tap again to stop

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