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TeamViewer HD for Remote Control, to give it its full title, is a free iPad app for remotely accessing your home, friends, family members or colleagues computer via Apple's tablet device. With support for Mac, Windows and Linux systems, it's a comprehensive and useful tool to dig out work from your main computer, assist others or simply chat. The iPad app pairs with a desktop version but you can easily add contacts without the need for them to be fully signed up for the service or download the full desktop software. Unfortunately, there appears no way currently to control an iPad remotely using TeamViewer, an issue the makers hope Apple will address. 

TeamViewer HD  

TeamViewer HD uses Apple's multi-touch gestures to navigate remotely, which takes practice to even begin to master and can prove a frustrating experience, one that could quickly turn you off. Those who persist will discover that while remote access is no substitute for being there, you can at least get some reasonable work done, with the ability, for instance, to copy files back and forth. The addition of a Bluetooth keyboard, a useful accessory for any iPad user, can ease work flow dramatically, although users of the most recent iPad appear to have compatibility issues inputting from an external keyboard. Viewing your computer is generally good, helped by support for the iPad's new Retina display, although moving around remotely can cause lag and rendering delay.

 TeamViewer HD

Those concerned about security should note TeamViewer promises the highest standards - 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange - for sessions, with the ability to access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers. TeamViewer also offers TeamViewer for Remote Control for iPhone and iPod touch users, which is also free but looks less impressive on the smaller screen size. Paid versions of each - £69.99 for iPhone, £94.99 for iPad are also available, aimed at pro users but essentially the same. Lastly, TeamViewer for Meetings is free of charge for participation in meetings via your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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