Tesco Finder for iPhone full review

In you live in any big town in the UK you don't normally have to look far to find your nearest supermarket. With record sales, Tesco, Tesco Metro and Tesco Express stores appear to be just about everywhere. Based on Tesco's own online Store Locator there are four within walking distance of our current location, with no less than 120 "local" stores listed.

Tesco Finder for iPhone aims to make finding your local store even easier, using your current location to pinpoint where you can shop with familiarity. If you travel, or find yourself far from home, the application may be of some use even though Tesco aren't known for hiding stores down the back of dark alleys. More useful, Tesco Finder will locate your local store where you intend to do your regular daily or weekly shop and assist in the process of filling your basket.

Tesco Finder for iPhone

Introduced in a 2.0 update, a virtual shopping list lets you search and pull together food and goods and 'satnav' your way round the Tesco store of choice. Armed with your iPhone or iPod touch, the shopping process should fairly painless, pointing to the aisle, shelf and price of those goods you wish to buy without having to be connected to the Internet. In reality, searching for items to buy becomes a chore, since you slowly build your shopping list by trial and error. Some searches produce few results, while others are swamped and need refining. At times, the effort involved takes longer than the actual shopping!

The good news is that those goods you do find are sorted by aisle to save of the legwork, although this is only of use if you shop in the same store regularly and the store doesn't change its layout. Tesco Finder includes useful additional information covering special offers, opening times and store facilities as well as an improved cleaner interface. A newly introduced 'swipe to delete' feature lets over ambitious shoppers easily remove a product from a shopping list.

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