Time FX for iPad and iPhone full review

Described as a sculptural fluid dynamic alarm clock, and based on the technology behind Maya, Time FX allows you to select from over 60 themes (analogue, digital or code based) and present the current time in that style.

You can interfere with the screen display by touching your screen: at this point your fingertips are used as the start point for Fluid FX that are spread across the display. These effects are based upon the current style being used for the clock.

You can set multiple alarms; and wake to different music from your iTunes playlist. The alarms can be repeated on whichever days you choose, with the option of ten unique alarm tones if you wish.

If you don't feel like waking up, you can customise the snooze button to suit personal preferences: you can even change the background image.

Should the app not be running when your alarm is scheduled, the app can wake itself up just for the alarm (but you must be using iOS 4.0 or later).

Download Time FX for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store here

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