WorldCard Mobile full review

We’re happy with the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard, but we don’t love typing in new contact details. Since the business world still clings to the relic known as the business card, and since tapping in those details can be a pain, several apps exist to scan cards in with the iPhone’s camera.

With all of these apps, the quality of the photo you take directly impacts how well the software can recognise the text on the card. WorldCard Mobile uses the iPhone’s standard shutter-button interface. It doesn’t offer an on-screen guide, or give an indication when everything’s in focus and ready. But as it turns out, that didn’t matter. It’s easy to tell when the business card is in focus.

Scanning in WorldCard Mobile is blazingly fast. When you review and edit the contact information it scans, the app displays a cropped image from the card to reflect where that information came from. This makes verification and correction simple – though there was rarely anything to correct.

If the app can’t determine which text on the card should go in a specific contact field, you can tap back to the card and draw a box around the relevant info; WorldCard Mobile identifies that text and immediately stores it where you’ve indicated. Merging data with an existing contact works great, too.

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