YouNote for iPhone full review

Both the iPhone and iPod touch come with a built-in notepad app, which works very simply and efficiently. You type in your note, you save it; the app notes the date and time. Onward and upward. Who could ask for anything more?

YouNote answers that question with a bevy of features you don’t know you need until you use them. A diversity of note-taking features and powerful note organisation tools make YouNote an essential productivity app and render the old notepad obsolete.

YouNote offers six different note types, including the standard notepad. It also has a camera and photo feature, a drawing pad, a simple digital audio recorder, a web search and tag function, and a MultiNote feature, which lets you incorporate audio, images and text into one note.

Rather than merely recording the date and time of a note, YouNote also allows for extensive tagging and colour-coding. And YouNote makes use of the iPhone’s GPS feature to add locations to notes, which is especially helpful with photos.

YouNote has limits, however. Its recording feature could be useful for recording interviews, but the sound quality is good, not great, and the larger the file you record, the slower YouNote gets. Also, the control buttons on the phone app are limited to play, record, stop and pause. The developers should consider adding a fast-forward and rewind feature in a future release.

Apart from the occasional crash the one real drawback to YouNote is the difficulty of exporting notes from the app. If we could add one feature to YouNote, it would be an email function. As it is now, you need to embark upon a painfully slow backup process that moves the entire contents of YouNote’s database from one device to another.

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