IOXperts 802.11b Driver 1.0.1 A full review

If you own a PowerBook G3, 2400, or 3400 that you want to hook up to a wireless network, until now you?ve been out of luck. These older PowerBooks are incompatible with Apple?s AirPort card, and drivers for third-party cards arescarce. But IOXperts? 802.11b Driver 1.0.1 opens the door. If you have any of these PowerBooks, running OS 8.6 or 9, as well as PC Card Manager 3.0, the Driver can use wireless PC cards that employ Prism-2 or Lucent chip sets, from companies such as D-Link, Linksys, NetGear, and Compaq. It?s easy to install and use, and performs well and stably. The interface consists of a control panel and a control-strip module. However, there?s no Keychain support or ability to save configuration settings for multiple networks. IOXperts? driver is especially ideal if you already have a third-party wireless card. (If you don?t, another option is the Orinoco PC Card.
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