360° Rotating Case for iPad Air full review

Undercutting Apple's own Smart Case for the iPad Air by a clear £35, and offering a more stable and versatile stand function, Everythingtablet's 360° Rotating Case is a tempting alternative; although there are certainly compromises to be made along the way.

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For one thing, that lower price tag is less of a bargain than it sounds, primarily because Apple's product is made of leather and this one uses something called 'PU leather', which it turns out is (usually) lower-grade leather coated with polyurethane. (Apple sells a polyurethane Smart Cover for the iPad Air at a comparable £35, although that doesn't offer any protection for the back of the tablet at all.)

The PU leather isn't too bad, mind you. It doesn't smell as nice as proper leather, and the shine and consistency of the material are artificially consistent, but we understand that it's easy to keep clean and of course it keeps the price down. And there's nice stitching around the edging, which gives a pleasing look and feel.

Like the Apple Smart Case and Cover, the case's interior has a micro fibre lining, which gives the screen a little buff when closed. (Built-in magnets put the iPad to sleep when it shuts, and wake it up again when opened, but don't hold the cover closed - there's an elasticated strap for that.)

EverythingTablet 360° Rotating Case for iPad Air review

The interior of the front cover has three slots in it, and combined with a clever rotating hinge affair under the iPad this allows you to stand the tablet up in either landscape or portrait orientation at three angles. At least that's the theory; in portrait mode your options are more limited, since the iPad unbalances at once if you try to put it in the steepest-angle slot, and even the middle one is a bit unstable if you're doing lots of upward flicks on the iPad’s screen.

If you keep that in mind, however, the stand function is impressive. In the four other configurations - portrait in the front slot, and landscape in all three - it's very stable. And simply having the option of portrait at all gives it one up on a lot of case/stands.

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EverythingTablet 360° Rotating Case for iPad Air review

EverythingTablet 360° Rotating Case for iPad Air review

And protection-wise the Rotating Case seems pretty robust and durable. The iPad Air slots into an interior plastic shell which holds it snugly - it's actually fairly hard to get it out again - and protects the corners and most of the edges. There are cut-outs most of the way along the top and bottom and openings for the camera and microphone. Yet it's also lightweight, adding only 230g to the 469g/478g of the iPad Air.

The Rotating Case is available in a bright cherry red (which is the one we tested, and shown here), as well as orange and black options. Bear in mind, too, that while the price tag is officially £29.99, that apparently isn't enough to qualify for free shipping, so you should budget for an extra £2.50 shipping costs (in the UK, at any rate) on top.

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