Goo.ey full review

Goo.ey sticks to the back of an iOS device to let you temporarily secure it to a smooth surface without the need for DIY. Here, we're focusing on the iPad version of Goo.ey but there are versions available for Apple's iPhones, and also for various Samsung devices.

Thanks to the polyurethane epoxy with 3M adhesive, Goo.ey doesn't feel sticky to the touch yet it can grip to just about any flat, glossy surface using suction, including mirrors, windows and most kitchen tiles.

Goo.ey founder Rachel Verghis came up with the idea after struggling to hold her tablet or smartphone while trying to juggle other tasks, a particular challenge during FaceTime calls with her small children's grandparents. By sticking the iPad to a window during the call, she could keep it out of reach of little fingers and stay completely hands-free too.

After you've painstakingly removed the Goo.ey from its packaging (it sticks fast to the plastic, too), it's easy to align and stick it to the back of your iPad. It's removeable, and shouldn't lose stickiness if you keep it in the plastic packaging while not in use. We found that attaching the Goo.ey to a cheap case was a more ideal solution if you plan on taking it off regularly, as you can then just remove that whole case from the iPad rather than peeling the Goo.ey off each time.

Once equipped, your iPad is ready to be stuck to the surface of your choice. I tried sticking my iPad to the kitchen window while cooking dinner so that I could watch a show on BBC iPlayer to keep me entertained. After a few scary minutes of standing close by to check whether it was about to fall, I managed to cook a mean meal and catch up with Sherlock without ending up with a smashed iPad.

In my testing, I found that the Goo.ey really does work, though I'd advise pushing the iPad quite firmly against the surface before letting go. (I had a scary moment when I hadn't quite put enough pressure on the Goo.ey). Once you've got a feel for it and are a bit more confident in its abilities, it's easy to gauge whether the Goo.ey has been successful in sticking your device.

Goo.ey won't work on surfaces that are textured, matte or curved, such as car dashboards or painted walls, but will stick to metal, laminate flooring, glass, computer displays and more.

An unintended advantage of Goo.ey is that it also offers some protection against potential opportunists that might try to swipe your iPad from the table in a coffee shop, for example, as it can stick to glossy tables.

I think Goo.ey looks great, too. There are a variety of colours to choose from to match the colour of your device, or to contrast if you want something a bit brighter. It's slim and simplistically stylish, with accurate cut-outs and a perfect fit for each device.

Colours include, blue, green, yellow, coral (pink) white, aqua (turquoise), black, orange and red, and a newly launched Selfridges exclusive in the iconic department store's signature yellow.

I do have a few gripes with Goo.ey, though. The first is that, if you stick Goo.ey directly to the back of your iPad you've got no protection on the sides or front of the device, unless you purchase an additional accessory. It does do a great job of protecting the parts it covers (the majority of the back), but leaving the rest exposed, especially if you're going to be sticking your iPad in high place, seems rather risky to me.

The second is trivial, but for me it was quite irritating. If you're like me and have a tendency to carry around a junk-filled bag, you'll find that the material is so effective it sticks to receipts, bookmarks and sweet wrappers. Admittedly it's mostly my fault, as I should be cleaning out my bag, but it could be quite embarrassing in professional situations if you've got a rogue toffee wrapper stuck to the back of your iPad. It also got stuck to a book once and caused damage I can only describe as grievous.

The iPhone version of the Goo.ey (reviewed by Macworld's sister title TechAdvisor) proved easier to stick to a larger number of surfaces thanks to its lighter, smaller form, and was also less junk-attracting in my bag. However, it seemed less useful to be able to attach the smaller screen to a wall. Perhaps the iPad mini is the perfect medium here, though we've yet to test the Goo.ey on the smaller tablet.

Goo.ey tells us that an iPad Air version will be launching soon, but for now, there's a Goo.ey available for iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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