iPhone 5C Case full review

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The new cases for the iPhone 5C are made from silicone, have a soft microfiber interior and button overlays for the On/Off and volume buttons, as well as holes for the Ring/Silent switch, and holes all over the back.

Like us, the US Macworld team aren't fans of these Apple-designed cases. They noted that there are several problems: the rear holes let through the colour of the iPhone 5c underneath, which is all very nice as it allows you to mix and match colours (say, a blue case with a bright green iPhone 5c showing through).

Unfortunately, the holes also show such inattention to detail that we are sure that Jonathan Ive cannot have had anything to do with them.

The holes on the back of the cases allow various bits of text imprinted upon the rear of the iPhone to peek through. You can see the 'non' or 'hon' on the back of the phone because those are the parts of the word 'iPhone' appear behind the cutouts. Below that the FCC-related text looks even worse.

The overall effect is sloppy.

Our Macworld US colleagues also noted that the holes on the back tended to collect a decent amount of dust. "Between the ridges of each cutout and the microfiber lining the case, those holes seemed like significant dirt attractors," they told us.

Even worse, the cases actually seemed to gather distinctly more smudges than the polycarbonate iPhone 5C shells do.

The only appealing aspect of the cases it their the ability to mix and match the colours, lending an element of personalization. We wouldn't though. 

And at £25 each, you might as well pick up a silicon case on eBay or Amazon for a couple of quid. 

What were they thinking? 

These are even worse than the iPod socks. The design is sloppy and they gather more muck than the phone itself. Only worth it if you really want to customise your iPhone 5C. 

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