Case Logic iPod nano armband

The excellent iPod nano armband case from Case Logic is for all you iPod nano-toting joggers.

The iPod nano armband has a snug slot for your iPod – make sure you attach it to your arm the right way up and there’s no way it’ll fall out. There’s also a pocket behind your iPod for other stuff – although there’s nothing to close it so we’re not sure we’d put something as valuable as our house keys in there. That said, with the iPod in place it would be a pretty snug fit.


The fact that there’s no fastening to cover the opening means that it’s not fully waterproof, so rainwater could get in (and sweat, gross). The fastening around your arm is a super-strong Velcro, and there’s a large loop in one side to stow earphone cables. It’s a strong contender for the army of iPod runners out there.

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