Case Mate Phantom for iPhone full review

Conjuring up images of Rolls-Royces and costumed superheroes, the name Phantom isn’t an easy one to live up to. This case doesn’t have the understated elegance of its motoring namesake, but it could potentially save the day if you’re a clumsy so and so.

Looks-wise it’s not bad: both available colour combinations – black and white, or navy and pale turquoise – look smart, even if the pink option that’s currently limited to the US is more of an acquired taste. The larger problem is that the iPhone itself is a beautiful thing, and hiding it inside a case is never going to improve its looks. But that’s what you sacrifice to protect it.

We had a fair bit of trouble wrestling the phone in there, but once it was in there, we were thoroughly impressed by the quality of protection. The rim’s criss-cross texture improves grip and reduces the chances of a drop, but it should stand up to impact damage pretty well anyway. It stood up to the minor assaults
we subjected it to in our offices. 

The only potential weak spot is the screen. The Phantom comes with a stick-on screen protector, and the sides are raised about 3mm, but Case-Mate stop short of the full nuclear option: a retractable screen cover.

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