Gelaskins The Hardcase Review: iPhone 4/4S cover with custom art design

Gelaskins has made a name for itself creating customised skins and cases for iPhone and iPad that either feature a distinctive art pattern, or an image of your own choosing. Usually these are soft skins, but The Hardcase for iPhone 4/4S offers more robust protection.

The model we tested came with a pleasent green design with shadowy trees on the top and bottom. But the Gelaskins website offers 100s of different designs to choose from, in categories such as Patterns & Textures, Wild, Wild, Word (animals), and Comics. Beyond that you can use the Gelaskins Create online service to upload your own image and get a completely customised case.

The case itself is a lightweight affair that clips onto the iPhone 4 or 4S, with spaces cut out so you can access the controls, attach a Dock cable, or take photographs. While in itself the case is nothing remarkable, it offers decent enough protection for the reverse and sides of the iPhone (there isn’t a screen cover included, although these are a love or loath affair at any rate).

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The Hardcase offers decent protection, but it’s real selling point is the vast array of designs and ability to create your own case by providing a custom image.

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