Giant Sparrows full review

Giant Sparrows is a company that lets you create your own customised iPhone case.

It has a library of designs on its website, which you can browse via a large Collections section. They are organised under various themes such as Japanese prints, street art, Art Nouveau, and so on. Alternatively, you can check out the Artists page, which lists eight contemporary designers. (Confusingly, there seems to be only limited overlap between the two sections, so check both for the full picture.) The offering is both extensive and wide-ranging, with some real left-field selections such as Aubrey Beardsley inks, or the animal-motion photography of Eadweard Muybridge.

If you don’t see anything that appeals, you can create your own design by uploading an image. This needs to be quite high-res (at least 1,100x1,600 pixels), so pictures you find on the web may not cut it. You can move it around to suit the case shape, before saving your design and buying it, if you wish.

We tried creating a couple of cases: an eighteenth century painting (you have to confirm that the image you’ve selected is out of copyright, although presumably Giant Sparrows has no way of checking) and a much-loved wedding photo.

You can create a case using a much-loved image

The process of uploading and designing is easy, and the quality of printing was decent, with no visible pixellation and some nice, bright colours. We did notice, however, that the contrast on our wedding snap was a bit exaggerated (when compared to an expensive photobook version, admittedly), darkening the shadows of a suit and making the wedding dress blindingly white. There was also a very slight yellow cast to both cases.

The cases themselves are basic, standard fare: light, simple, snugly fitting. The iPhone 4 case has a long opening for the volume buttons rather than individual holes, which means it should also fit the 4S.

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