iFrogz Luxe full review

You’d think the technology industry would be running out of words to put a lower case ‘i’ in front of, but apparently not. And so we have iFrogz, a case manufacturer from Utah, and the company’s Luxe case.

The bottom half is black, while the top half comes in one of seven colours, each with a swish metallic finish. The two halves slot together and fix with a button on the bottom that slides under a catch on the top. There is also a catch at either side of the case, and you have to be careful you get those sliding inside the case and not out.

Once you’ve got it on, it’s a good-looking case. It doesn’t cover the screen, and instead comes with a clear screen protector to prevent scratches. You have to make sure you apply it straight though, otherwise the bottom part of the cover is harder to put on.

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